There are simple things you can do to keep your house cooler without spending a fortune. These tips will help you save on energy and money! Simple things such as moving lamps away from thermostats can save you hundreds of dollars. Here are more money- and energy-saving tips.

Get the most from your air conditioning:

  • Open windows and use portable fans or ceiling fans instead of operating your air conditioner. Even mild air movement of 1 mph can make you feel three or four degrees cooler. Make sure your ceiling fan is turned for summer — you should feel the air blown downward.
  • Use a fan with your window air conditioner to spread the cool air through your home.
  • Make sure your return air chamber is sealed, allowing only air that flows through the filter goes to your air handler or furnace.
  • Without blocking air flow, shade your outdoor condenser. Change air filters monthly during the summer.
  • Use programmable thermostat to adjust the settings when no one is home (no more than 5 degrees).
  • Don’t place lamps or TV’s near your thermostat. The heat from these appliances will cause the air conditioner to run longer.
  • Install white window shades, drapes, or blinds to reflect heat away from the house. Close curtains on south- and west-facing windows.
  • Install awnings on south-facing windows. Because of the angle of the sun, trees, a trellis, or a fence will best shade west facing windows. Apply sun control or other reflective films on south facing windows.
  • Avoid landscaping with lots of unshaded rocks, cement, or asphalt on the south or west sides. It will increase the temperature around the house and radiates heat into the house after the sun sets.
  • Planting trees on south and west sides of your home will shade your house preventing it from heating up throughout the day.